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A Message from Chief Medical Officer CAPT Lewis

Profession Physician

As a Commissioned Corps physician pursuing public health practice in areas ranging from epidemiologic investigation to bedside clinical practice to regulatory science to national emergency response, you will have opportunities to promote health in America in the widest imaginable variety of clinical and geographical settings. Corps physicians handle a diversity of patients and clinical challenges. Those experiences will help you grow into the physician you wish to be and a leader beyond your imagination. Corps physicians work in rural settings helping underserved Americans from Alaska to Florida and every major city in the United States, supporting Federal, local and state public health efforts. You will have the chance to develop national health policies to bring new therapies, diagnostic tests and next generation innovations to all Americans, or focus on one community or one patient’s health and needs. You can support state level pandemic response, immerse yourself in clinical care of underserved Americans, or collaborate with physicians across the sister military Services. Pursue one or all of these career paths – the Commissioned Corps is the best opportunity to try them all, while making a real difference serving your country. And you will enjoy excellent benefits and work-life balance.

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